Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 23

Trying to keep myself on track today. CONSCIOUS CHOICES!

Had my "morning ritual coffee" and some water before lunch. For lunch, I had some of those wonderful left-over roasted carrots and a cup of tea. Not very balanced, I know. But I'm trying to redeem myself from yesterday.

Besides, truth be told, I'm still feeling bloated from last night's dinner. Not in the actual stomach...that was screaming at me "IM HUNGRY"...its the rest of my belly that still feels full.

Know what I mean?

Do you ever get that? Eat a huge meal for that makes you feel like you'll be full for 3 days, and wake up starving? What's up with that?!? How can I possibly feel that way when I KNOW that food is still digesting?

Thankfully, the small bowl of carrots were enough to get rid of those pesky pangs that were bothering me all morning.

Which reminds me. I'm (sorta) reading this book called Beyond the 120 Year Diet . I've had this and several other books by the same author and his daughter, all pertaining to the concept that we eat way too much food to live a long, healthy life, free of disease and illness. Author Roy Walford's research, and those of others involved in the calorie restriction research community, have determined that the key to a long and healthy life is to limit the amount and type of calories we consume. He references extensive research in the field. Apparently, in addition to lengthening one's lifespan, it also increases the number of healthy years you can live, sort of stretching out the bell-curve of vitality. Excess calories are responsible for the leading causes of death in the US: heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer.

I'm very intrigued by all of this. Who doesn't want to live a long and healthy life? But I am not so sure I am willing or able to abide by his rigorous menu plan. I do like the idea of eating healthier food, but the Food Network is just so tempting!! Bobby and Rachel and all those folks are the antithesis of a reduced calorie life-style!

I am going to try some of his recipes though. And I will post what I try and whether I like it and whether I feel like its a sustainable change for me.

Stay tuned!

And if anyone has experience with this, please share!

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