Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 30

I was feeling pretty discouraged these last few days. After last week's "over-stuffing", I spent the next few days taking it easy on the portion sizes, and it has paid off, at least a little. As of this morning, I'm down another pound. That's consistent with the scale I got on last night as well.

I'm in a bit of a slump as far as getting up and moving, walking, stretching. I **intended** to go for walks this weekend, especially since I had Friday off of work. I figured I had plenty of time. But the rain persisted Friday and into Saturday, and by Sunday I had other things going on, and by the time I got aroung to having a spare hour, it was dark. Not that I'm opposed to walking in the dark, but getting to sleep at night is enough of a challenge for me without getting my heart pumping a few hours before bed.

Which brings me to an issue that has come up for me in the last few years....getting to sleep at night.

Now admittedly, I've always been a night person, but it used to be that I could lay down at night and be asleep within 3 to 5 minutes. Now, there are nights when I will lay there for a couple hours, tossing and turning. Is this an age thing?!? Is it lack of exercise? I just keep thinking that once I lose t his weight and start exercising on a **regular basis**, I'll be more sleepy at night and have an easier time falling asleep.

Last night, I went to bed after midnight, and this is what the whirlwind of my brain was thinking about: an Enya song, Adobe Photoshop tools, the painting that I need to finish in our bedroom, WordPress templates, planting flower bulbs in my front yard in the next couple weeks, doing laundry, and some movie I can't recall the title to. And it was like channel surfing. Every few seconds, it would shift, all the while with this song in the background. Holy moly! Let me off this damn ride!! Turn it off!

Not even sure what time is was when I finally fell asleep.

Please, please! Someone tell me that this will improve when I get healthier!

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