Thursday, September 9, 2010

Days 15 & 16

September 8 & 9....Well, I sorta blew it the other day (Day 14). I ended up having 3 Cokes that day and a Taco Bell taco (only one!). I was super-busy that day and ate on the run. But yesterday I got back to water, juice and tea. A small sandwich for lunch and a light dinner....could have skipped the garlic bread, though.

Today, small sandwich and tea for lunch. Probably have left-overs for dinner.

Still haven't started much exercise yet, but I'm feeling less tired overall, so I feel ready to start something soon.

Struggling with a bit of a cold this week, so when this stuffy head clears up, I'll be walking after work. We've had ferocious wind for the last few days, so stepping outside has just aggravated the stuffiness.

My motivation is a bit low right now, so posting here is helping me keep things in mind, and at least keep track of what I'm doing/eating.

I guess my biggest efforts are in staying aware of portion sizes and staying (mostly) away from the sugary drinks.

Need to kick the motivation up a bit and start doing more.

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