Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Days 9-14 Lost 4 lbs!

Wow! Six days have gone by! Isn't that how it always goes when you start to change things in your life and then so easily slip back into old ways!

Well, on the flip side, I've stayed away from soda this last week. I've stuck with the (requisite) morning coffee, water, a little juice here and there, and a couple of the zero-calorie Sobe LifeWater beverages (naturally sweetened with stevia; no artificial sweeteners!).

Food: basically, I've been eating about 1/2 of my normal portion sizes, and a bit less frequently. For snacks, I've had a single serving bag of Lay's Baked potato chips, two little squares of chocolate from a large bar, popcorn with butter flavored sprinkles (3 times) and the rest of the snacks have been fruit, plums, pluots and nectarines.

One reason for the smaller meals is that I have a bit of a cold, so I don't have as much of an appetite. The trick will be keeping the portions small when my appetite returns. I know that if I keep my meals small for at least a few weeks, it will be easier to stick with it since my stomach with shrink a bit. That's a good thing.

Weight check-in: 151 lbs. Lost 4 lbs! Woohoo! Its a start.

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