Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rest of Day 20

Yesterday's lunch: tomatoes with a bit of salt, a handful of cashews, and two mini-pita sandwiches made with diced white chicken mixed with cayenne pepper, cumin, paprika, salt & black pepper. Minimal fat, no added sugar, healthy protein and not too many carbs.

Dinner yesterday: Cubed sirloin tip steak marinated in Caesar dressing and grilled on kabobs, grilled mushrooms brushed with Ceasar, and a salad of diced tomatoes, cucumber, red & yellow bell pepper, slivered onions, fresh spinach and diced mozzarella tossed with Caesar.

Tea, coffee and water to drink yesterday.

Now comes the time that I need to muster up some motivation to get moving and start exercising. I'm draggin butt....not feeling like I want to exert myself....or more specifically, not looking forward to the soreness afterward of starting a new exercise routine.

Who can relate to that?!!?


Stretching is one thing that I do that, at the very least, relieves some stress/tension and gives me a little more energy. Years and years ago, I bought this book...

Stretching, 20th Anniversary Revised Edition

I love this book because its very easy to follow: I just pick a spot on the floor, spread a blanket and start going through the stretches one at a time, page by page. The illustrations make it very simple to follow, and the stretches really do a great job of easing tension, energizing my muscles, and making me feel much more limber, ever after only one session. So even when I don't actually get out and walk, run or bike, stretching at least makes me feel like I'm still doing something constructive. In addition to general stretching exercises, the book also includes a large section of targeted plans specifically designed for different sports, such as running, tennis, etc.

I have this version, the twentieth anniversary edition, but there is also a newer version. I highly recommend it, since one of the keys to injury-free exercise and sports is stretching. Excellent book!!

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