Tuesday, February 1, 2011

(164) K...I'm confused

Allan is sending out notes to his Challengers about helping a few stumbling participants. I hear the disappointment and discouragement....And then I read his latest post about the Challenge being closed.

And what I'm hearing...or at least what I think I'm hearing...is a man who has made a decision to change his life for the better, who wants to share what he's learned so that others can learn what he has, who has opened his heart and his blog to folks that claim they want it.......and is heartbroken when they won't get it. Even if he doesn't say so in so many words.

I get this. I get this in a different sort of way. I get bending over backwards to try and help, guide, teach, mold, and shove someone in the right direction.....and then to have it all come flying back in your face.

I get it.

Why should I kill myself, drag myself through the emotional minefield, put myself out there, and spend so much energy trying to help someone who is unwilling to help themselves???


I've asked myself that a ga-gillion times.

And all I can come up with is this:

1.) by teaching you, I teach myself
2.) by helping others, I set an example to them
3.) by being successful, I show others what success looks like
4.) not all lessons are learned on the first try
5.) sometimes we plant the seed, but someone else picks the fruit
6.) sometimes lessons take a long time to sink in.

Allan, you keep writing your blog for you. I'm sure you will anyway, regardless of what anyone else says. But know that your intentions are clear to many, even if there are a few haters out there, and a few who just don't get it.

Everyone else who joined his Challenge: guess who needs some support?


  1. Amen! Already sent him an email tonight, actually.

  2. Amen, again. He has done a tremendous amount of work and I have to admit to being MIFFED at some of the people around here who minimized what he was trying to do. I hope he will keep blogging and I hope the haters and the quitters will just leave him alone for a while.

  3. I sent a few e-mails and this morning got one that says check his blog after 8, something there. So go and check shortly...it's 8:15 and nothing there yet but soon? Hope so.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  4. Allan has put a ton of effort into helping folks. He will keep blogging and he will keep motivating folks - I think it is in his nature naturally - no matter some of the feedback he is getting.

    It's sad he is getting the negative response to his offers of help - tough love is hard for some to take but he only means well and truly does care. Why else would he keep on trying to help and push people....