Friday, February 11, 2011

(174) A Romantic Night Out

I just remembered that I wanted to share this with you all.

A few nights ago, hubby and I ran drove to the grocery store to pick up a few things. (too friggin cold to run, walk, or do anything else outside, as it has been in the single digits during the day, and hovering around zero at night! That's zero in English units, not metric. In metric that would be negative 17. Holy crap!)

So as we are perusing the aisles, everything we pick up we are reading the labels on, calories, fat....comparing, counting. How many ounces in this one? How many serving per container in that one.

What happened to a nice romantic, dare I say "sexy" night out?

Well, at least we didn't block the aisle with our cart, shuffle down the aisle in slow motion, and have little glasses perched on the ends of our noses....cuz if we had, it may have been time for the Depends aisle...


  1. Aww thats so nice, it's so nice to have someone that is supportive and on the same track as you!

  2. Lmao. At least he goes with you. I do all the shopping

  3. Too funny - my wife and I go to Whole Foods together not really to buy much, but more to browse the isles and read labels. Cheers, Rick