Monday, February 28, 2011

(191) An NSV this morning...

I mentioned briefly yesterday that I'm down a pound. Not much of a change, but I'm still approaching goal, so that's a good thing.
Trying to keep the frustration at bay with these tiny little changes.

But this morning, I had to tighten the belt another notch, which means things are happening!  I guess my weight is redistributing itself, or else I lost that entire pound around my waist...not likely.

But I'll take it.

Hubby is also dieting, and he's down 14 pounds in 2 weeks.

We have this new "deal" through our health insurance: if your weight is too high, your blood pressure is too high, or you smoke, you have to go through some "remedial" corrective actions prescribed by your doctor. If you don't, your rates get jacked way up.  Such a deal, huh?

Fun, fun.

So the pressure is on to meet the deadline of March 31st. I know we will meet the criteria, but hubby is worried, so he's trying to lose his weight a bit more rapidly.

My goal is to change how I eat, how I think about eating, and how much I eat. And lets not forget the "why" I eat. I'm trying to be very conscious of the tendency to eat from boredom, anxiety, frustration, anger, etc. It's tough. Last week was really crappy, and I was obsessing over pasta....for days. The urge has passed, as has the intense feelings and acute frustration, but I really need to be more aware of how that heightened emotional crap plays into my desire to eat.

How about you guys? Tell me how this plays out for you.....


  1. I wish you the best with the insurance issue. That really sucks.

  2. 1 lb. loss is good. You are making changes and doing so well. Glad to hear the hubby is making progess too !

    Love your health insurance

    I am totally an emotional eater, when things get tough with my parents or my brother situation I run for the cupboards. Trying very hard to not eat my frustrations away any more.

  3. My hubbys work makes us do a 5 week course, granted its super easy online in order not to have your insurance rates go up. It also saved a few lifes in his company last year who because of the courses some illnesses were brought out.

  4. Wow, that health insurance deal is some incentive! The "why" is so important... glad you're seeing results thru your clothes :)

  5. Whenever you feel like emo-eating, try hitting something, instead. I find that endorphins do a pretty decent job as a pick-me-up :)