Monday, February 21, 2011

(184) Well Hello Everyone....

Long time, no hear....

I'm back in my office at work, and back to having a moment to breathe.

I've been swamped and *in a swamp* as you might have noticed from the few and gripey posts over that last week or two. Up to my ears in muck, so to say.

But being back to my desk is a step in the right direction to getting things back on track. Once I have unburried myself from the things that went untouched from last week, I should have more than a moment to breathe again.

I've been good in the eating department (as far as calories go), with the possible exception of the water part. Since I've not been counting or monitoring much this last week, I'm not sure I've actually gotten my requisite amount of water in. I know the food has been on track, since hubby is also dieting now too, so the trips to the grocery store have been for healthy, low fat, low calorie stuff. (Kiddo is still eating some junk, but most of that is gone from the house by now.)

One night last week, my dinner consisted solely of brussel sprouts, with a sprinkle of parmesan on top. Thats it. Plus water.

Lunches have been a plain sandwich with 1.5 to 2 ounces of turkey. Also eating lots of grapefruit lately. At least one a day, sometimes 2. Juice, as I mentioned a few days ago, has been restricted to V8 (low sodium). Dinners have been really lean beef, or grilled chicken, or steamed shrimp, with steamed veggies. Breakfasts have been whole wheat english muffins with low sugar preserves, or a hard-boiled egg.

One night I made a quick onion soup from sliced onions, a couple sprays of "olive oil Pam", and beef broth, topped with one Tbsp of shredded mozarella.

Last night I made a low-fat chili from 96% lean ground beef (75 cal per ounce), three cans of tomatoes (diced/stewed/diced chili-ready), 3 small onions, and seasonings. I plugged it into and it came out to 19 calories per ounce, and I ate one cup.

I can honestly say that my taste for food is changing. I'm spending a lot less time thinking about food. The snacks don't hold the same power over me that they used to. I'm not even craving them much anymore. (I confess I had to practically run down the "chips and snacks aisle" the other day, but I won! No snacks in the cart!

So, I apologize for the absense. I'm back and I'm sticking to the plan!


Oh yeah, one more thing: I'm on bottle number two so far. I had coffee and a grapefruit for breakfast, and a turkey sandwich and water for lunch.

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  1. All of your good food has made me hungry. I need to go grab some breakfast now. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and hoping thing level out for you soon. I've missed you. :)