Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 51 Why Am I Counting Days?

So, it seemed like a good idea when I first started this blog, to count the days and put them in the post title. Now I'm just wondering why I ever thought it was a good idea.....I just have to keep checking the calendar to see what number day I'm on. Hmmmph.

Maybe I'll just switch to week number. Thoughts? Suggestions?

So I got back on the scale this morning, and I am down to the lowest weight since I started this: a total of 7 pounds lost. What is the deal with this 3-4 pound fluctuation? How can I be 3 pounds lighter today than I was yesterday? I understand 1-2 pounds, but 3-4?!?

Whatever.....I'll take it.

So, getting back to the counting/milestone thing. How do you mark your milestones? What is your method for keeping track of progress? How often do you do a weigh-in to check? I think weighing myself daily is just going to make me crazy, with these goofy fluctuations. What is a good interval for checking, that still makes you feel motivated?


For years now, I have been wanting to get into an exercise routine and get down to a healthier weight. As I said in my earlier posts, I have let the weight creep up on me, and twice in ten years I had pneumonia that left me out of breath for months and months. It took forever for me to walk up the stairs without getting winded.

But that's all gone now, and has been for awhile. A few times over the years I tried running. I used to run when I was younger. And I thought that I still could do it. But each time I tried, I would over-do it, and then I'd be miserable for days afterward. And then I'd lose my motivation.

A few times along the way, I've picked up an article or two about starting an exercise routine, and they always said to start slowly. I never listened to that advice. I'd try jumping in with both feet, because my pride wouldn't let me think that I was "that" out of shape. So, inevitably I'd strain every muscle I owned, and then I could barely get out of bed from being so stiff and sore. That is a motivation killer for sure. I'd resolved myself to the idea that, in order for me to get fit and healthy, it was going to be painful.

But, alas!! I was wrong!! Since starting this blog, and reading other people's blogs about their journeys, and finding things like the C25K, I realized a few key things:

1) I am not 20, and I cannot expect to be older and overweight and still have the energy and resiliency of a 20 year old. I need to start slowly.

2) There is no shame in starting slowly.

3) Patience is a good thing.

So I am taking my own advice of firing the IBSC.  I am starting slowly. I'm not going to over-do it so that I lose my motivation. I am going to feel good about my progress. And I am going to keep making progress.

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  1. I use to count the days too and got tired of looking at the calender...i think i just gave up on the whole concept :/

    WTG on firing the IBSC! Looking forward to seeing your progress!