Sunday, October 10, 2010

Days 49 and 50 Lots of walking

Last night I talked hubby into a late night walk: we covered about 2 miles. Then again this afternoon, we walked 3.2 miles!


Then I stepped on the scale. I have gained back 3 pounds. And I don't even know how?!?

grumble grumble.....

Does an increase in exercise cause you to retain more fluid? Thats all I can figure...

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  1. Wouldn’t exercise build up your muscles at first? I also find that the morning weigh-in is always best.
    Also, this week I bought a new digital scale so I could have more accurate readouts than my old dial one.. well turns out it would give me a certain weight and then immediately after it would either give like 2 pounds less and then it gave me +7 lbs.. ugh!! So I’m just sticking with the dial scale.