Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 53 Hmmmph!

Well, I'm doing the right things, but the weight is just staying stagnant. I'm ramping up the exercise and cutting back on the calories & quantity, but not much is happening. I am the same weight today as I was last week. Dang!!

Diet Chic reminded me that building muscle adds weight, so I think I just need to concentrate on doing the right things for awhile and know that sooner or later, the scale will start to show my progress. Christina is feeling the same frustration, I know. She's working her butt off and not seeing the numbers change much, even though she feels the changes in her body.

Last year when I tried to do this, I got so mad I just threw in the towel. For weeks I was eating better, drinking water, going for  walks, blah, blah, blah. But quite honestly, I hadn't gotten to this point. Yes I want the scale to change, and yes I want to be smaller, but more importantly, I want to be healthy. I want to walk into my next doctor's visit and see perfect blood pressure, healthy cholesterol and blood sugar, and I want to *****feel good*****.

I'm not going to get on the scale every day. But I am going to do that C25K run. And then I'm going to do a 10K, within 2 months. Because the goal is to be healthy and fit, right?


  1. Absolutely right! Healthy & fit are the ultimate goals! I have to remind myself of that too when the scale is being a meanie head ;-)

  2. Yes, the goal is to be healthy and fit. So often we read bloggers who have frustration with the scale. Sometimes I feel we need to ditch those devices for long periods of time; like a month at a time. Weigh in just 12 times a year... I am guessing not many would feel right doing that. I'd find it hard too. But I'm wondering if it might just be a better use of that tool.