Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 62 The Morning After

Ok, so here goes.

Yesterday's food re-cap: coffee, water, a small banana, handful of pistacios, 8 prunes, more water, about 3oz of chicken paprikas with about 10-12 oz of dumplings, with paprikas gravy on top, a glass of apple cider, a piece of cheesecake, and a cup of decaf with 1oz of Baileys, more water.

I have no idea how many calories I ate yesterday, but I can tell you this: no second helpings on the chicken paprikas and dumplings. I did not stuff myself like I used to. I felt pretty satisfied with the amount.


Update: I just went to Nutrition Data and punched in my recipe, and it looks like my calorie count for the Chicken paprikas was somewhere in the neighborhood of about 516 calories. I'm saying neighborhood, because I'm guessing at the actual amounts I ate. I know exactly how much went into the entire recipe, just not sure what fraction of that recipe I ate.

So I guess that's not terrible. Its the cheesecake that did me in.

I'm not very good at measuring the quantities of the food I eat, but after watching the video from Lanie the other day, I was pretty stunned to hear that we eat about 10 times as much meat was we should in our society. Mark made the comment that we should only be eating about a half pound of meat per week, not per day! (That is, if you aren't a vegetarian/vegen). Unbelieveable! Let's all remember THAT the next time we go out to a steakhouse for dinner! Just try and order a 1-2 ounce steak!!


I fully intended on going for my C25K run last night after dinner had settled, but my best friend and her family stopped by to say goodbye to my son, and have some coffee and pie/cheesecake. By the time everyone left, the dishes were done, kitchen straightened, etc, it was too late and I was too tired. So, today for sure I will be out there! No excuses! No time conflicts! Tonight is week 3, day 2.


And last but not least: thank you to Kelly and Diet Chic for the suggestions on how not to blow it in the face of temptations! Had I not been "ripping-my-hair-out-busy" yesterday afternoon, and had I seen your posts before dinner, I surely would have taken your advice on the healthy snacks beforehand. I think the smoothie would be a good one for future reference because those always feel very filling to me.


  1. Whew only a 1/2 pound of meat a week, that would be rough for me.

    Um, the Red Wings? just say No Franzen & Bertuzzi!

    Like a rock - great song, yes, no chevy needed... have a great weekend!

  2. Good point about the meat portions. 8oz of meat per week is not a lot. I just feel better when I limit the amount that I eat. The Morning Star Farms veggie products are my main source of protein. The veggie sausage is a must-have. I hate when I am out of it.