Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 55 C25K app irritation

Does anyone use the app for the C25K? I downloaded it to my adroid phone, and for the most part, I love it, with a few key points of irritation.

Now, admittedly, I am using the *free* version. Maybe the full version doesn't have these problems.

But here's the deal: last night, youngest and I went out for our run. (By the way, I'm really enjoying having company on this!) In the course of our travels, I received 3 phone calls and two text messages! Which killed the C25K app. Which meant I had to re-start it. Which meant I had to "guess" at "ok, time to run now", "time to walk now". Crap!! I restarted it like 4 times!!! We ended up just running and walking for about 38 minutes. I'm pretty sure we got in the necessary run time.

The app sat on the counter in my kitchen to finish the "counting". I had to restart it and just let it sit there and time out, just to get it to "complete" the day's workout.

My other irritation is that, in order to actually see the time remaining, I have to keep the screen on, which means I am constantly fiddling with the phone to turn the screen back on. Yeah, I know I can probably adjust the time on when the screen times out and turns off. But I have a couple of other apps that just don't let the screen shut off. Is that too much to ask?!?

In any event, we covered 2.4 miles last night. And it felt great!

Done with my rant for the day.

Another objective of mine has been to get better sleep. I'm notorious for not getting enough. So, my 7-hrs-per-night-for-2-weeks plan is still underway. Last night made 4 nights in a row. I take 8mg of melatonin at about 9pm, and climb in bed by 11. Last night I was a bit mentally stressed, and so I didn't fall asleep till about 11:30, and then didn't get up until 6:30. Still got in my 7, but I sure didn't wake up feeling rested. Matter of fact, I felt pretty crappy this morning. I think I need to find some ways to de-stress before bed. It's not enough to just get in the hours.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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