Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 54 And still counting....and Rain and Sleep

I am still putting the day in my post title. Got a little feedback on that....seems others have done that too, and also got a bit tired of it. Trouble is, I have a hard time letting go of something right in the middle....too random!! So I think if I'm going to drop the "counting days" thing, I'll have to pick a specific day of significance to do so. I guess I'm kinda uptight that way. So maybe it'll be "Day 100" or something like that....


No walk/run for my C25K yesterday: I walked in the door from work, ran a quick errand, and it starting raining. And it was cold. No thanks! So I'll have to make sure I do something today, even if it rains again. I don't want to lose my momentum.

On another note, I've started taking melatonin at night to try and help me get a better night's rest. I've had such a hard time for the last couple years. So I'm taking 8mg at about 9pm, with the goal of getting to bed by 11pm. This, I have to tell you, is one amazing feat for me. For 10.5 years I went to school at night, after work. Most of the time, the only peace I'd get to do homework was after the kids were in bed. That coupled with the fact that I've been a night person my whole life, has resulted in me getting to sleep most nights some time after midnight. It's not uncommon for me to be up until 1am. And on the nights when I struggle to fall asleep, it can be as late as 2 or 3am. And then up at 6am.....or 6:30....which often meant I got to work late. This has been a very long struggle for me. So with the help of my little droid alarm app, I take the melatonin at 9, and "force" force myself to climb into bed by 11.

A couple nights ago, I actually took the melatonin and THEN went for my walk/run with the youngest, and was still able to fall asleep! That is a good sign indeed.

And I have actually gotten 7 hrs of sleep for 3 nights in a row! WOOHOO!! Unbelievable!

I'm actually trying to do this for 2 full weeks. See, my problem is that I really don't like to go to bed.....I always feel like I'm missing something. So for me to commit to the idea of going to bed at 11pm forever is just way too uncomfortable for me. By choosing to do this for 2 weeks, I think I am giving myself the opportunity to see the results and feel good about it, without feeling the rebelliousness of "I don't wanna go to bed!!!""

Such a kid.....

And last but not least, yesterday's food re-cap:

Coffee for breakfast
soup and apple cider for lunch
2 hard boiled eggs and an apple for dinner.
Water all day

I know this isn't much of a menu, but I just wasn't hungry yesterday. And the things I did eat made me feel full, so I didn't want to make myself eat and feel miserable. It was just one of those days....

Just want to add one more note: thanks to all of you for your words of encouragement!! It really means a lot!


And later....

Youngest and I went on our C25K run/walk tonight. Took my melatonin...getting sleepy. Almost time for bed. "Nite all...

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  1. I put the day # in my posts too and have no plans to stop. Oh I am sure someday I will stop and it will just happen suddenly and that will be it. For now, so early in a mission that will take a long time, I like the #s as it reminds me daily it is a day at a time. Each day counts, each day builds on the previous.

    Not wanting to go to bed, that would seem to be difficult to grasp. I look forward to bed, but when it is time to get up I pop up and out. Laying around for hours slowly getting up is something I never understood. Even though I have kids that do just that, don't get it.

    Good luck with your sleeping, hope you get the results you are looking for.