Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 87....Back in Town and Getting Back to Plan

Well, this has been an incredibly busy weekend. I've been out of town for a class, and was busy from 7am to 11pm Friday Saturday and Sunday, so I had very little time to do anything other than sleep.

I am home, mentally freshed and ready to get back on task!

On a side note, I met several runners over the weekend, one who is a half-marathon runner, and one who does triathlons. Woohoo! They were both very enthusiastic about the C25K being a great plan and a great segway into building up to longer runs.

I'm getting out there tonight, and am pleased that the weather here in Michigan hasn't gotten really ugly yet. I don't have a treadmill or go to a gym, so the neighborhood is pretty much it for me. Thankfully, I only have to contend with the leaves at this point.

I'll be checking in with everyone else throughout the day, and hope that you've all had a good weekend and are making good choices.

PS I read through my rant from last week and decided to take it down. Bleh! Want to move on and not be reminded of that episode, or my state of mind at the time.

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  1. happy running to you! Yes, the neighborhood serves as treadmill as well. :)