Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 88 Feeling Great!

So, Patrick, over at Responsibility 199 asks:

How about you, are you feeling GREAT today?
If YES, why?
If NOT, why?

Today, I am feeling:
Great because I spent a wonderful weekend with some fantastic people who are committed to making their lives magnificent!
Great because I gained some awesome insight while I was with those people, some real Ah-Hah!! moments!
Great because I have a WONDERFUL husband and kids (who sometimes DO wear me out! but that's OK)
Great because I am healthier than I was 3 months ago.
Great because I have found that blogging is helping me feel accountable and motivated by others, and makes me want to be supportive of others as well.

Thanks, Patrick! For the reminder to think positive and be thankful!

1 comment:

  1. Just need a starting weight and a goal weight emailed to me. I will set it up tonight for ya..
    Good luck and welcome to the Fiesta