Monday, November 29, 2010

100 Days This Must be a Milestone....

Right? 100 days seems like a long time. 100 of anything seems like a lot. It should be.....After 100 days of dieting, I should be making some progress.

Yet so far I am averaging a weight loss of a pound every 11 days. Seems kinda disappointing, really.

I get so excited for you guys when I see numbers like 2.5 pound in a week, 4 pounds in a week, etc.

And then I get on the scale and it reads the same, or half a pound loss. Last week I hit the water numbers like I should, and I hit the calories numbers like a should, and I behaved myself on Thanksgiving ( no massive meals). None of the 4000 calorie days like Allan pointed out. Yet I'm still dragging along, losing ounces, if anything, and sometimes putting it on.

Ehh.....I'm done whining. I'm drinking water. I'm counting calories. I'm staying on task.


Coffee with creamer, 140 calories
16.7 ounces of water
Turkey soup: big bowl with noodles, 349 calories
16.7 ounces of water

More updates later...


So, later on...

Another bottle of water 16.7 ounces

Dinner: about an ounce of turkey and a tsp of gravy, 50 calories (finished off the leftovers!)
2 cups turkey soup without noodles 149 calories
3 Tbsp sweet potatoes 300 calories
2 Tbps mashed & gravy 120 calories

Another bottle of water 16.7 ounces


Calories: 1108 calories
Water: 66.8, and not done for the night


  1. ye. I knw exactly how yu feel. The last 2 weeks were like that. +6 lbs... -6lbs... really body?? ug.

    I didn't do anything crazy. But... the average tells me I'm headed in the right directin this time and this is the lowest that I've been in 2010. So I keep on smiling and drinking my water!

  2. I know what you mean, I swear its all the water he's makin us drink lmao.

  3. Check your salt.
    Check your sugar.
    Cut unnecessary carbs out of your diet (white flour is bad, bad, bad news if you want to lose weight).

    Drink the f*n water. I am losing a lb a week just by doing that.

    A calorie isn't just a calorie. Some foods are better than others.

    And as encouragement, you are losing weight. It isn't as much as you dream of but you are going in the right direction. Perhaps it is time to make some small changes to make it as much as you would like?