Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 94 I Need Scale Consistency, and No Drama

So I have a scale at work that I've been using to weigh myself, and occasionally I will also weigh myself at home. Problem is that the two don't match. It appears that they're off by three pounds, my home scale reading heavier.

I actually trust my work scale much more, since that scale gets calibrated on a yearly basis. Who knows if my home scale was ever calibrated in the first place!

The lesson here is to use one scale and stick with it. That's really the only honest way to tell what's going on with your weight. I should know this. As an engineer, I know that it is critical to use the same instruments when making measurements over time, to eliminate the uncertainty from different pieces of equipment. In this case, my anxiety over whether or not I've lost weight this week got the best of me, and I used my home scale, which read 3 pounds heavier. I promptly went into a tail-spin over gaining weight, despite sticking to calorie and water goals throughout the weekend.  Matter of fact, I've been on target for calories and water since I started the DDDC with Allan.

So I ended up causing myself all kinds on grief this weekend for no good reason. As Allan said, I need to relax.

Yep. Definitely need to do that.

My Thanksgiving Dinner headcount is the smallest I've ever had. There will probably be only 4 of us this year, kinda sad, actually. It may grow to 7, but that is entirely dependent on whether the drama queen in my family cares to continue the current episode or cut the crap and enjoy a nice holiday together.

I've decided to not get sucked into it. I'm going to enjoy some turkey, green bean casserole, carrots and minimal potatoes, with a side of "calm", a dollop of "relaxed", and a hefty serving of "don't give a shit".

The door will be open, the plates will be available, the food will be hot, and the company friendly. If they show up, great. If not, I'm not going to get all angst-ridden....

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Tally for the day so far:

Breakfast: coffee w/ sweetened creamer: 2 cups 240 cal
16.7 ounces of water

Lunch: one apple (95 cal), one clementine (35 cal) and one banana (105 cal): 235 calories
Bottle of water, 16.7 ounces

475 calories used
33.4 ounces water consumed

Finally, for dinner: 3ounces of marinated chicken breast, pan-fried, 150 cal
About 1 cup of rice, 230 calories
3/4 cup of peas 90 cal
Lemonade, 90 calories

2 more bottles of water
Glass of white wine, 120 calories

And here comes the stupid snack...mini marshmallows 1/2 cup 80 calories.

Total: 1235 calories
67.6 ounces of water
16 ounces of lemondade
24 ounces of coffee


  1. I am sticking to your story too ! I go from a big group to a small gathering. Enjoy it and be done !

  2. Perfect; a side of "calm", a dollop of "relaxed", sounds like a winning recipe. Enjoy!

  3. It is so true. I stood on every scale at Walmart and every one gave me a different reading. Stick with one and no matter the total weight, the loss will always be accurate.