Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 93 Just the Bottom Line

Busy day with youngest's birthday today; she's 16! Had the big celebration a couple weeks ago, so today is just out to a movie and lunch, followed by a visit to get her hair done.

So I'm just going to recap the food from yesterday and today.


Finished the pad thai from saturday: about 400 cal (there was a bit less than half)
one serving of oatmeal, 160 cal
coffee w/ sweetened creamer 140 cal
67.6 ounces of water
one slice of pepperoni mushroom pizza about 350 calories (best guess)

Total: 1050 calories

Today, so far:

coffee w/ sweetened creamer 160 cal
cranberry chicken pecan salad 491 cal
coffee w/ cream & sugar 75 cal
33 ounces of water

Total: 726 calories
remaining: 606 cal and 50 ounces of water!

Finished off the night with a clementine, 35 calories
1/3 bag of microwave popcorn with butter flavored sprinkle 148 cal
5 ounces of white wine 120 cal
33 ounces water

Total: 1029 cal
Water: 67.6

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