Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 91 Keepin' it Honest

Today was a work day at our house. Hubby and I have decided that, given the amount of tasks, projects, and endless lists of needed repairs or whatever, we would deem every other weekend a "work weekend" in an attempt to get things done and not get burnt out. It's not a foolproof plan, and there are times when we switch it up for more pressing needs, or just cancel the work weekend when we are "just not feeling it". But all in all, it works pretty well, because if its planned, there's no haggling over "I want to and you don't, you want to and I don't". It's the plan, and we're sticking to it.

So, as I mentioned earlier this week, youngest kidlet is moving upstairs into one of the vacated rooms from the older two. She picked the eldest's room, which eldest had painted "red". UUGHH!! It was horrible! Hubby had to put 4 coats of primer on just to hide the last remnants of it. Just aweful.

So, earlier this week, youngest and I went and picked out new paint, and thankfully she picked something a lot more "relaxed"....a pale blue. We're going to accent with pale green and 3 shades in the medium range, to add varying sizes of circles. Sounds kinda strange. I'll add pics when it's done. The medium accent colors are blue, green, and purple. You'll see. It'll be MUCH better than the red.

So food today was pretty much a utility thing.

For breakfast: microwave oatmeal 160 cal, plus water and coffee 140 cal
Lunch: 2 slices of bread 110 cal, and 2 slices of salami 60 cal, plus water
Snack in the afternoon: a very small, sad looking apple 30 cal and two hard boiled eggs 180, plus water

So far:  680 cal

Dinner: 1/2 order of carry-out chicken pad thai. Now this was a tough one to figure. I ended up at allrecipes to try and calculate how many calories I ate. Now I'm sure that what allrecipes calls one serving isn't what my local Thai restaurant calls one serving, so here's what I did. One serving at allrecipes is 524 cal. I would guess that the restaurant serving is about 1.5 times that, or 786 calories, of which I ate half which is 393 calories. I'll throw in an extra 100 cal just to be safe, and call it about 500 calories. Sound reasonable? Thoughts? Objections?

Plus more water.

Total for the day: 1180 cal
Water: 67.6 ounces.

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