Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 95 I Broke the Barrier!!

WOOHOO!! I finally broke the barrier!! Since starting this weight loss journey I have been stuck in this 7-10 pound range for what seems like forever! I'd lost weight right at the beginning, but then gained 1 lost 1, gained 2 lost 2. Back and forth. I could never get past the "lost ten pounds" mark. This morning I got on the scale and I lost another 1.5 pounds! which means I've now lost 11.5 pounds!

Seems like such a small goal, but this is what made me throw up my hands last time. I got stuck, and no matter what I did, my weight just wouldn't budge.

Now I am over the hump! And I'm staying over it!

Breakfast: coffee, 120 calories

Lunch: turkey sandwich, plain: 210 calories
lemonade: 90 cal

Total so far: 320 calories

More later....


  1. That's just great! We all experience the plateaus, and it can be so frustrating!

  2. That is so great. The psychological benefit of that is almost greater than the physical one. :)