Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 89 & 90 Staying on Task

So first up is a recap from yesterday:

Coffee w/ sweetened creamer 140 cal
2/3 of a plain hamburger          276 cal
3/4 of an order of fries             277 cal
a can of coke                          136 cal
1.5 chicken strips                    205 cal
7 corn chips                          137 cal
1 Tbsp barbeque sauce             30 cal
10 ounces of wine                    140 cal
71 ounces of water                      0 cal
Total                                      1341 cal

So the less-than-ideal choices yesterday need a little explaining. Several co-workers and I had planned on taking another co-worker out for her birthday. She picked the place, which serves exactly 5 items: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fries, onion rings and baked beans. Given my choices, I picked the lesser of the evils and did not eat the whole meal. I could have skipped the coke. Then after work, two former classmates and I had been requested to attend an innovation symposium at our alma matter, to be recognised for a project we did. We met to car-pool, and stopped in to a bar/restaurant for a quick bite before heading to campus. We split a basket of chips & salsa and an order of chicken strips. I had a couple glasses of wine last night as well. Even though WHAT I ate wasn't ideal, I was very conscious of QUANTITY so that I could stay within goal of my calories.

To come up with all these values, I use I pick the closest item I can find to what I actually ate. Sometimes I have to settle for a generic description and make a best-guess, so my calories above may not be exact, but I'm being as honest as possible.


Today, so far: coffee w/ creamer 180 cal.
2 bottles of water so far, 33.8 ounces
beef stew for lunch, quinoa added 494 calories

Used so far today: 674
Remaining: 646 calories

1/2 of an oatmeal cranberry energy bar: 65 calories
Remaining calories: 581 calories

Dinner: the last of the stew (whew!) about 1/2 of a serving: 250 cal
1 serving of baby carrots, raw: 35 cal
1.5 servings of Cheez-its: 200
Tbsp cashews: 65 cal
Tbsp peanuts: 50 cal
2 more bottles of water
Calories 600

Total cal for the day: 1338 cal
Total water for the day: 67.6 ounces
And about 16 ounces of coffee

While the variety wasn't all that great, the choices were better than yesterday and I made my goal for calories and water. Yay!

Spent the evening working on the house again. We are doing some repair work in an upstairs bedroom, and prepping for paint. Our oldest two have moved out and the youngest is moving into one of their old rooms. I cannot believe how much sticky crap they have on their walls! Tape residue, and god knows what else! How many posters can you possibly hang in one room?!?

So that has been my workout in the evenings. Scrubbing walls, fixing drywall/mudding, painting.

Fun, fun.


  1. AWESOME !!! ONE WORD !!!
    Cremora !!

  2. Hey, you had a good day calorie wise. Nutrient spread maybe not the best, but you kept portion size honest and you didn't just sgive in ans say something selfish like, 'oh I can start again tomorrow'. You won this day!

    As for your comment on my blog, if something I said helps you egt your healthy on, then by all means use the words as best you can, link back, quote, whatever, just get healthier and we are all good.

    Have a Great weekend!

  3. You're being honest with yourself and that goes a long way. It's when we don't add those BITES, LICKS & TASTES is when we cheat ourselves. At least that's what I learned at WW.

    I wanted to sned you an email but couldn't find your address. I wanted to personally thank you for the very helpful comment you left on my blog. I appreciate you sharing the exercise and I think that's amazing. Somehow, it's just hard for me to believe it's possible to lose the extra weight. Guess I need to work on that and your explanation helps.

    Thank you again for your support.