Tuesday, November 30, 2010

101 Days and Still Counting

So, I've not been enjoying my coffee these last couple days...mostly because when I'm pouring it now, I'm thinging about how many calories are in my creamer. And its not that I'm so much wanting to trade those calories for something a little more substantial, its just that I think about how I'm starting off every morning with a blast of sugar. Ugh!

Not good!

And yet I LOVE the smell of my coffee, and I look forward to making it every morning, and the first few sips are soooo good. But then it starts to cool off, and I take it to work with me and it cools off more, and before long, I'm not enjoying it at all. I like my caffeine boost every morning, and I don't drink so much that I'm having issues with it, I'm just starting to struggle with whether or not I should attempt to give it up entirely. I suppose I could try and find a sugar-free version of the creamers I like. But I really hate the taste of artificial sweeteners, so that idea doesn't thrill me at all.

So, while I'm contemplating a change in my morning routine, here's where I'm at so far today:

coffee, 140 calories
water, 16.7 ounces
a medium banana, 105 calories

Total so far: 245 calories

More later.....

Lunch: side salad with chicken, feta, tomato, greek dressing, 516 cal
Iced tea: 75 calories

Running total: 836 calories

Still more:

Dinner: 2 cups turkey soup, no noodle, 150 calories
Olga's snackers (5/6) 217 calories

Total: 1203 calories, looks like I'm done for the night. Only water from now until bedtime.


  1. CREMORA, it works, use a lot, 10 calories a teaspoon, it isnt bad !!

  2. I have the same isue. So nowI drink less coffee and enjoy it more.


  3. I have the same issue with my morning cup of joe. I put the same amount of creamer that you do and have tried the lowfat no sugar varieties and hate it. I might just give it up altogether instead of switching to a substitute.

  4. Creamora rocks ! It is so hard to give up what you enjoy so much.