Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 95 Continued...Plans are Firming Up


So the on-going saga that I posted about a couple weeks ago (I took the post down cuz it was a crappy, emotional rant, but in case you read it and were wondering...) has calmed down a bit. Finally spoke to mom this morning. I called her. I've been debating for a week on whether I would sit back and wait, or be the bigger person and call. I invited her to dinner, AGAIN. She claimed "she didn't know she was invited".

As if.

As if I had EVER IN MY LIFE not invited her to Thanksgiving dinner! She has this way....

But I must say that, all in all, she was MUCH calmer on the phone than the last time we spoke. She was civil, almost congenial. Only a trace of guilt-trip in there. But I think I heard a little bit of relief. Maybe just a tad, but something. Definitely a tone of wanting to get past her last ridiculous, unfounded ranting tirade.

And that's a good thing.

Even if she won't be coming over for dinner, at least we talked, and it wasn't "angry". Maybe we both just need a little more time. That's fine. That means a small Thanksgiving dinner at my house, just 4 of us.

And that also means I don't have to do the insane-house-cleaning to make my Aunts (Mrs Clean and Mrs Cleaner) happy. Not that my house is dirty, or even that cluttered. I just tend to hyperventilate when I know that they are coming over. See, we have three dogs, and have raised 3  kids, and no matter how hard we've tried to keep the house clean and orderly on a regular basis, my house will never compare to that of an older widowed compulsive cleaner with no pets.

Know what I mean?

In any event.....we'll be having a ton of food for just 4 people, but I know how to handle all that turkey, and my family loves my left-overs, so it won't go to waste, and I'm pretty sure I can still stay on plan. Did I mention that I make a killer turkey soup? Shepherd's pie? I can eat it, as long as I control the portion size, and drink the water!

Well, that's it for now....I'll post the food totals later tonight.

Thanks for stopping by...


  1. I´m glad you talked with her, you were DEF. the bigger person..don´t you hate that though - always having to be the bigger person? I do. hehe Also I totally hear you on the guilt-trip techniques... I have to start practicing my husband´s motto.. "Who give a S*%+!" LOL. Have a great Thanksgiving Dinner =)

  2. Announce an alaways open door policy when you toast this thanksgiving meal and that should cover you for the future.