Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 88....Still Feeling Great

I've been checking out Allan's Blog over at Almost Gastric Bypass. He's not for the faint of heart. If you're looking for sympathy, look elsewhere. If you're looking for straight-up, no bullshit input on losing weight, check him out. He pulls no punches, so if you want a good reality-kick-in-the-pants, he's your guy.

He's got these Double Dog Dare Challenges going on. I'm still sifting thru his posts, trying to figure them out, but so far I've got this:

Double Dog Calorie Challenge: Drink 64 ounces of water a day; multiply your goal weight by 11 and consume ONLY that many calories. And count EVERY calorie. Don't lie.

He's emailing me later tonight with some calculations for another challenge, something like a Son of a Double Dog Dare......damn! wish he had a search box on his site! I'm still hunting around for the details!

So, as a bit of a head start, I've got 51 ounces of water in today, plus 24 ounces of coffee. 5 Tbsp of flavored creamer (225 calories).  One can of Campbell's Select Harvest Chicken and Long Grain Rice soup (220 calories). Side note: yuck! 18 regular Cheez-it crackers (100 calories)

Total so far today: 545 calories
Remaining: 720 calories


Dinner: Beef stew, (not thickened) with carrots and mushrooms (potatoes on the side for family, not me), and quinoa, to be added at serving.

Plugged my recipe into for analysis, and it turns out to have 409 calories per serving. Added a half-serving of the quinoa, at 85 calories. One small croissant with dinner, 120 calories. 614 calories. Bottle of water to drink

Snack was 13 corn chips (1 serving, 140 calories).

One more bottle of water before bed.

Total for the day 1299 calories and 84.5 ounces of water, 24 ounces of coffee.

Not bad.

And my "exercise" tonight was installing and mudding some drywall, along with 85 trips up and down two flights of stairs.


But no running....crap.

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  1. Yes that soup is yuck. A total disappointment.