Thursday, December 16, 2010

117 Days And I Didn't Eat the Cheesecake

Ugh!! I overslept this morning....head is still plugged and hurting. Drinking the water and I JUST CANT WAIT FOR THE END OF THE DAY!!! My motivation at work is in the gutter and I just want a break.

Getting a bunch of my water in before I finish my coffee.

Sorry the posts have been so dull lately. Just trying to stay on task and avoid the "visions of sugarplums"....or cheesecake, as it were. My daughter made hubby a home-made cheesecake for his birthday. You know the kind...almost 3 inches tall.....takes hours to make. Fresh strawberry compote spooned on top.

And I've avoided it. Last night as we were winding down for the night, he had a big slice.....and I just glanced at him a couple times.....and each time I'd look over and start to think how good that looked, I'd stop and think "No, you just think it will taste good, and maybe it will in your mouth...but if you eat that, you are not going to feel good...your stomach will not like it and neither will your conscience."

So I resisted. And I feel better for it. And I just want to hang on to that for awhile....


  1. good job resisting the cheesecake! That would be a tough one for me.. but you did it! hope you feel better soon.

  2. Temptations are rampant around here. Sometimes I win the battle and sometimes I don't. Congrats on beating the monster.:)

  3. Now, that had to be tough but YOU DID IT !!!!