Saturday, December 4, 2010

Days 104 & 105 Non-Stop Busy.....

So Thursday I mentioned that I had been shopping for our Christmas charity at work, Operation Good Cheer. Friday all the gifts were to be delivered to a local airport for sorting, so they'd be ready for Saturday morning, when all the gifts would then be loaded into various planes to be transported all over the state.

The gifts are donated, the time for sorting is donated, the food to feed the volunteers is donated, the planes are donated for the day, the pilots to fly them volunteer their time as well. My co-workers and I arrived at the hangar at about 9am. Things were just getting going, as other volunteers trickled in as well. Once the delivery trucks started arriving, everything from Meijer's Semi's to "Two Men and a Truck" moving trucks, to Army Trucks, as well as individual deliveries, we offloaded the gifts, sorted them according to a predetermined numbering system based on where the child lives (county) and what flight number the gifts would be on. The numbering on the gift boxes is very important in order to make sure that each child gets their gift, and no gifts get delivered to the other side of the state.

We were told, as the first group of volunteers to arrive, that we would be the "Pile Captain's". We'd be in charge of checking every bag of gifts that was brought to our numbered area. As the gifts were taken off the trucks, the number were checked 3 times for accuracy. So as the Pile Captain of Pile 16, I got busy. Each time a volunteer brought me a bag of gifts, I had to look at every single package in the bag and make sure that they had "16" on them. No problem! Until we got really busy. Then it got pretty hectic!!

All in all, we had a great time. I don't know how many gifts there were in total. After our crew left, they were expecting another crew to finish up the day, from 4-7pm. My Pile was expecting to receive 939 packages on Friday, and that included bikes too. Take a look...

That's my pile, number 16. It's about 25-30 feet deep, and about 7 feet high, and about 7 feet wide! I was piling the boxes way above my head, and then tossing more on top.

Once we got going, I made a bit of a game of it, trying to get the tallest pile going. When I left at 4pm, I was in the lead!


Here is what the hangar looked like from the corner, up the steps (not those you see in the pic above). And you can't even see the left wall and all the gifts over there!

That was a fun day! Ya know, the economy might suck in Michigan, but the hearts of its residents do not. If anyone would like to make a $10 donation via your cell phone, you can text the letters "OGC" to 27722. It's a new way to donate this year! Here's the technical stuff...

Here is a link to their website: Operation Good Cheer


On another note, food for Friday was for crap. I blew it, and that's how it is. My co-workers and I met for breakfast before we got started. I had 2 poached eggs, one piece of buttered toast, 2 slices of bacon, and hash browns. I could have skipped everything after the eggs. Also had coffee.

They gave us lunch at the hangar, pizza and pop. I had one slice of pepperoni pizza, and a can of black cherry pop. I also had 2 bottles of water before lunch. As I left in the afternoon, I ran back to the break area to grab another bottle of water, and ended up grabbing a donut too (it was huge!). I ate the whole stupid thing, thinking the entire time "This is stupid. I don't want this. I don't need this. I should just toss it out." And I still kept shoveling it in. But I drank the water, plus another half bottle I had in the car.

That made 3.5 bottles of water.

And for dinner, hubby asked me to make him some mac & cheese, which I had some of as well.

Plus two more bottles of water.

So, I ate like crap, but I drank more than the max water. And I was busy hoisting boxes all day long, on my feet. I'm not sure if my activity burned up those stupid donut calories, or the hash brown calories, or the bacon calories. But I'll say this: I felt good about what I did that day.


Saturday: Got up this morning, and made breakfast. Hubby wanted scrambled eggs (not my fave) so I made him those, and made myself one poached egg, and a cup of coffee. Also had a clementine.

Then I got busy painting our bedroom. That took the better part of the day. I missed having lunch, other than another clementine. Had another cup of coffee, and two bottles of water.

I have a pot roast cooking right now. The plan is to leave the broth alone, no thickening to gravy, and I won't be eating much - maybe 3-4 ounces. Hubby wants some roasted potatoes, but I think I'm going to make some quinoa for me, instead. And I still need to rummage thru the fridge and see what kind of veggies we have in there. We need to get to the grocery store. Its getting pretty slim in there.

I need to do a calorie count for today....but I'm pretty sure I'm doing ok so far.

I'll try and get back here tonight, but for now I'm cleaning paint brushes and making dinner....yay.

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  1. There really is a Santa Claus!! That is so unbelievably awesome, it just made my day :D