Thursday, December 9, 2010

Final Count and I am Down...

I ended up with an upset stomach this afternoon...wasn't sure what from. When I got home from work, I felt a bit hungry so I decided that between those two, I'd opt for something safe to eat for dinner.

I made a PPJ with low sugar raspberry preserves and peanut butter, all measured out. Total calories for that were 267.

Earlier this afternoon I had a small banana, too.

Anyway, I know this is all out of order, but by 7:30, my stomach was killing me! It just hurt. Hubby insists it was the carrots (3 large ones). I don't know. Never had issues with raw veggies or too much fruit, but maybe that was it.

Adding the 672 from this morning to whats above: 1029 calories

So far 57 ounces, but I've still got a TV show or two to watch.

Probably not snacking tonight...but if I do, I'll post it tomorrow.

Nite all...

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