Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 110 Just Checking In

Not much to write about this morning, so I'll just do the daily calorie count so far.

Breakfast: one piece of whole-grain raisin bread 70 calories
1/2 tsp of butter on the toast, 27 calories
3/4 cup of grapes, 75 calories
cup of coffee, 105 calories

Snack, string cheese 70 calories
and 6 wheat thins, 60 calories
cup of coffee, 105 calories

Total so far: 512 calories Whew!! I am eating too much...Actually its the coffee.....ugh!

Leaving for lunch now. I'll have to keep that minimal.


Went home for lunch (instead of attending yet another work-related lunch event at a mexican restaurant) and had:

One ounce of red-pepper hummus, 70 calories
3 large carrots cut in strips, 90 calories

Running total, and I'm trying to keep it low! 672 calories so far


  1. Coffee plus coffee mate plus equal is 30 calories tops !!! Try it !!

  2. Ok, what do you put in your coffee that makes it so high in calories ? have you tried cutting it down yet ?

  3. You guys are nailing me to the wall!! That's ok!! I need to cut it back. I'm using up too many of my calories on empty crap. I use the International Delight non-dairy creamer, and apparently I put way too much in there. I bought Coffee-Mate last week and used it once. My dilema is the sweet part. I really can't stand the artificial I'm really having a hard time working up the guts/nerve/motivation to get rid of the sugar.....gotta do it though! You guys are right, keeping me on my toes!