Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You know....my post this morning was a bit a gloss-over. Honestly, a bit of B.S.

I joined this challenge so I could lose weight, be held accountable....no...that's not right....hold myself accountable in front of all of you....and change my life-style. And Sunday I ate crap. Not the fruit part, or even the steak part, and certainly not the veggie part. It was the bacon and biscuit & gravy part.  I sorta just blew right on past that as I was posting, trying to minimize it.

But that's the problem.

That's what made me put the pounds on in the first place, and disregarding a screw-up isn't going to help me drop the pounds, and glossing it over isn't me being honest.

So there it is. I screwed up. I ate bacon and sausage gravy on a biscuit and at the end of the meal, I was stuffed and uncomfortable.

Not again. Not today.


  1. Biscuits and Gravy. Were they yummy ? Did they look the same coming out as going in ? Are you down now... Thanks, carry on, not again !!

  2. Good for you for putting it out there. It isn't easy to confess to our weaknesses and especially to our deliberate screw ups. I made a similar post yesterday and it did help to get my mind back where it should be to know that people are watching and are expecting me to stick to the plan. Get back on the horse and let's ride on.

  3. It takes some balls to really fess up ! Kudos to you ! Realizing a pattern can be difficult however very rewarding.

  4. thats a big step. Recognizing - accounting for and knowing you want to change!

    Now you can do it!!!


  5. I'm so stinking proud of you for owning up to it. It is hard stuff, complete honesty, I know.

    As long as you get back to it then that won't even be a thing in a few days.