Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Days 122 and 123 Owowowowowow!!!!

So, as I've mentioned in the last few posts this weekend, we've been working on the house, specifically our room, painting, etc.

Monday evening I posted a quick food list....and that must have been slightly before I had a little mishap with the drill and my hand later that evening.

Hubby and youngest had stepped out to do some Christmas shopping, and I stayed home to keep moving on the project. I am on a mission to get this done!!

To make a long story short, I poked a hole in my hand. With a 1/16th inch drill bit....through my palm... and nearly through the back of my hand (the drill was NOT on, but was behind me standing upright on the floor. I thought there was a stool behind me, and I reached around to swat it out of my way, and instead slammed my hand directly onto the bit). Half an inch deep...... After hopping around the house for 30 minutes yowling and crying and calling my self stupid, the adrenaline finally kicked in, numbing the excruciating pain enough for me to answer the phone. ( The bit went between the bones, but I think I grazed a nerve and/or tendon cuz the back of my hand hurt worse than where the drill bit went in).  My friend (who is a nurse, and whose husband is also a nurse) told me to go get a tetanus shot....not sure when I got the last one. By that time I had calmed down and was assessing the damage and feeling quite stupid about the whole thing. I was not about to go sit in our local ER for 6 hours ( I have experience with this, the hospital is literally at the end of the next block over from my house). I decided I would call my doc in the morning and go in then. Sure enough, I call, they tell me to come in right away, and give me the shot and some antibiotics. The back of my hand actually hurt worse and was more swollen than the entrance point in my palm, which concerned the doc, and she wants me to watch it carefully.

So that was my Monday night. Tuesday, after the doc visit, I got to play orchestrator while hubby did the lifting, moving, tool handling.

I cannot believe how dumb that was. It is better today, although now my palm is the sorest part, with the swelling having gone down on the back of my hand. I assume the meds have done/are doing their job to ward off infection.

So food yesterday was, again, strictly was the last thing on my mind.  2 hard boiled eggs, an orange, a pear, 3 cups of coffee, a glass of juice, 5 waters, 2 slices of raisin bread, 1/8 cup of cashews.

Boring, boring crap.

But I am closing in on the bedroom. The carpet guy came yesterday to take measurements, and will be here to install within 2 weeks!!! Yay!!

The paint is on the walls, the crown moulding is up, the lights are in behind the crown, and I'll be trimming the windows tonight.

Today so far: 3 waters, a mug of coffee, salad of iceberg, romaine, red onion, sliced chicken, diced apple, cranberries and viniagrette.

No idea what I'll be having later tonight, but I definitely need to "plan ahead". I stay on task better when I plan ahead what to eat and when.

So....more later


  1. Holy Crap ! Dang girl ! No more power tools for you.Hopefully you will be on the mend soon.

    I love your "strictly utilitarian" food ! At least you are eating something.

  2. Yikes! That sounds so horrible and painful. I hope it heals well and you feel better soon. I have stupid mishaps all the time too. A few weeks back I got up to go to bathroom after my sleep meds and didn't bother to turn on the light. I got dizzy and fell down hitting my foot on the dresser. I broke my pinky toe. I felt like an idiot. A few years ago I stripped over my own big feet and fell face first into the door. I got a broken nose from that one. I don't think it would be harsh to say that I can be CLUMSY sometimes. Good luck with your remodeling project. I'm looking into doing some of that next spring.