Thursday, December 23, 2010

124 Days and a Ten Day Break

I'm very fortunate to work for a company that gives us 10 days off for the Holidays...we have to say "holiday" to be pc, but for me its Christmas. I am sooooo in need of a break. And that is probably the best Christmas present: to be able to spend that much time home relaxing with family.

But I am a little bit concerned. Right now I have a routine for getting my water in and spacing out the meals/calories. When I am home full time for ten days, I'm worried about my schedule going right out the window...

Are any of you feeling this?

I'm thinking I still need to be setting my alarm to get up at a reasonable hour...otherwise I just know that I'll start sleeping in, and that leads to me staying up later and later......which will stretch out to 3 or 4am. I am such a night person, and trying not to be is an uphill battle. In any event, I'm going to also set an alarm on my phone to remind me about drinking the water. If I can get that part in on time, I'm pretty sure I can keep the calories in line as well, since I'm not so hungry when I'm full of water.

Do any of you have a plan for keeping on track when you are not on your regular schedule?

The hand is healing, getting less sore each day. No sign of infection, thank God! I was really worried about little bits of wood dust being trapped in there from the drill bit. Guess I got lucky!

So I am on the hook for Christmas dinner, and we will be having 9 people. Thats not a lot, but 5 of the 9 are between 68 and 80 years old. Oh boy!!

Of that, 2 are diabetic, one doesn't like turkey, 2 don't like ham, one cannot eat anything green (something to do with a blood-clotting issue), one doesn't eat any salad dressing, one doesn't eat any veggies whatsoever. And that is just the old folks! There is not one single child in that list of picky eaters! Oh joy! Matter of fact, there will be two teens there, who are the best eaters of the bunch. Plus we have one with certain food allergies.

So the menu is:

Turkey, brined like I did for Thanksgiving (NO eff-ing stuffing because NOBODY eats the eff-ing stuffing!!!!)
Ham and Holiday sausage (Dearborn Brand)
Mashed potatoes
Cheesy potatoes
Green beans
Steamed broccoli
Cranberry sauce
Apple sauce, unsweetened
Dinner rolls
Veggie tray
Shrimp cocktail (maybe)
Apple pie
Sugar-free jello

Holy crap! These people are taking some food HOME!!

My plate will be: turkey, water, broccoli, water, salad, water, apple sauce, water, cranberry sauce, water, and shrimp (maybe), with water for dessert.

And the turkey soup will follow!
And I may make bean soup or lentil soup too.

And then I won't be cooking for the next 8 days!


  1. I feel for you. I am not doing a major meal this year but then I'm only cooking for Dail and Nick and I. We opted out of joining either my family or Dail and though the girls and their families will come by early to open their gifts, they will all be working later in the day and wont be here for dinner. The only thing special I'm doing is a ham and the rest is normal fare. Roasted Whole Potatoes and Green Bean Casserole. No desserts at all. Cooking myself and planning only for us reduces the temptation to go off the plan. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  2. I am very much a schedule girl. I do really well when on one and really bad when not.

    You just need a new schedule.

    The key is to set a schedule during this off time. I have projects that I am going to be working on and I will also be studying advanced visual basic programming like it is my job (6+ hrs per day, every day). Yes, I know I am a massive geek. All of this will keep the urge to splurge at bay.