Monday, December 6, 2010

106 & 107....Catching Up

Whew! Busy weekend....and I'm a bit behind on documenting my food intake. Actually found myself scribbling on a note pad these last couple days, cuz I didn't have much time at the computer.

Saturday: Finished making that pot roast, and hubby made the roast potatoes. By the time I sat down to eat, I was just tired and not all that hungry.

one poached egg,  71 calories
one piece of buttered toast 115 calories
cup of coffee.  140 calories
2 bottles of water

No lunch....

3.8 ounces of pot roast, 315 calories
3/4 cup of cubed roasted potatoes sprayed with olive oil, 285 calories
glass of lemonade, 90 calories
3 more bottles of water

Another cup of coffee, 140 calories, with 2 Tbsp of whipped cream on top, 24 calories

Total: 1180 calories
83.5 ounces of water
16 ounces of lemonade
24 ounces of coffee

one piece of toast,  115 calories
one clementine, 35 calories
coffee, 140 calories

2 bottles of water

Early dinner:
4 ounces of pot roast, 332 calories
1/2 cup of potatoes, 171 calories
about 2 ounces of carrots, 30 calories
2 bottles of water
16 ounces of lemonade, 90 calories

Another cup of coffee, 140 calories

1053 calories
4 bottles of water, 66.8 ounces
16 ounces lemonade
24 ounces of coffee


And then it was Monday.

Been kinda down for the last couple of weeks. Off and on. When I'm busy, and too distracted, I'm alright, but the moment I slow down a bit, I start falling back into the crappy mood. Still having issues with my Mom. She's pretty much not calling me at all. And when I call her, she's quite bitchy.

Makes me want to avoid calling...which I do until my conscious gets the best of me. Then the dread starts creeping in....and I drag my feet for days, until I can't stand it any longer and I call. Today is the day I'm calling....and I am so not wanting to do this. And I feel really guilty about that.

Sigh....I just **know** the tone of voice she'll use to answer the phone...and I can predict the kinds of things whe's going to say, and what they all mean, and that "it's all my fault"...not in so many words most of the time, but eventually she'll get to that. And I just hope she's distracted by some other issue going on, and that I won't be the target.

Anybody have "mom issues"? Any suggestions?

And so far today:

coffee, 140 calories
bottle of water, 16.7 ounces


  1. Wow Calories at around 1100/day NICE!!! Good job. I know I sure have mom issues, but I am half a country away so I don't have to deal with it as much anymore. But there are still days when I dread picking up the phone. I know Im no help!

  2. Good job on the counting calories, how is the coffee going ? did you try the new stuff yet ?

    Oh, I have mom issues too ! I can totally relate. I don't go over as much as I should, I try to call every few days however the tone in her voice oftens puts me in a not so good mood. If you want to exchange email addresses, just leave it in my comment box (I will not post it). I think we have more in common each time I read your blog !