Thursday, December 2, 2010

One December Goal....

One of my goals for December is to try and find an alternative to the creamer I use in my coffee. Allan keeps shouting CREAMORA at me! Lol!! So I'm giving it a go. Its not like I've never had it before...we've got Creamora at work in our coffee area...but the coffee is so bad, that on the rare occassion that I have a cup at work (out of desperation), I'm not liking it so much. Can't tell which is worse, the coffee or the creamora.

So here's my plan. I've got pumpkin pie spice at home, and (I've done this bofore) I'm going to add a 1/2 tsp or so to the coffee grounds as it brews. (no calories) THEN, instead of adding my **sweet** creamer, I'm going to add CREAMORA and either Stevia or a small amount of sugar, or maybe even maple syrup. (I'm not up to using artificial sweetener, it tastes SOOOO bad to me). So, I'll let you know how it goes. And for those of you out there that still use the International Delight flavored creamers, this could be good news.


So far today: coffee w/ sweetened creamer: 140 calories
A medium banana, 105 calories
2 bottles of water 33.4 ounces
1/2 of a shortbread cookie, 141 calories

Total: 386 calories...yuck


  1. Sometimes, I bring my own Thermos of coffee.
    When you get used to what you like,
    it seems like we are being picky, but not really.
    Some of the Sugar Free syrups aren't too bad....

  2. If it was all shits and giggles, I would have Coffee Ice Cream in the morning.... It isn't so you make do. Buy Egual, Cremora, and some cheap ass coffee... Make a pot, and learn to love it.. It works..