Tuesday, December 28, 2010

129 Days and Still At It

Woke up late again. Hubby and I have let our schedules slip ridiculously, staying up waaaaaaay to late and then sleeping in. Then we napped this afternoon....Oi! Talk about being lazy!

Hubby made french toast for breakfast and I had two slices and a clementine, plus coffee and water. Had another water, followed by more coffee. Lunch was some turkey, about 5 ounces, with 2 slices of cranberry sauce, plus another water. Not really feeling hungry for dinner, so I'll probably just have a snack of fruit or some veggies like carrots/celery/cauliflower.

Having some family stress that is weighing on me quite a bit. Not my problems directly, but I'm definitely being affected by them, and likely to get roped into it if the problems persist. Trying really hard not to hyper-focus cooking something.....

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