Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Finishing the Day's Tally

Just got home from 1) my work Christmas Party, and 2) visiting with my mom.

I stopped by the house, as planned, to pick up my snacks and water before heading to the party. I was handed a plate with 2 slices of pizza, which I promptly tried to hand off to one of the guys. He took one, but not both. And nobody else wanted it either, so I ended up having 2/3 of a slice, leaving a "large crust". Not excusing myself, but I made the choice to call that dinner, along with the banana and string cheese I'd brought along.

That tallied up to 468 calories. I drank 2 more bottles of water while there, as well.

I left there and went to visit Mom. She wanted to go out to eat, and picked this crappy little diner. I had a bowl of chicken soup that I estimated to be about 120 calories, along with a cup of tea with one tsp of honey, 16 calories.

I'm having a small snack of 10 baked wheat crackers, 100 calories.
Grand total for the day: 538 + 604 + 100 = 1242 calories.
And I'm on my 6th bottle of water for the day, totaling 100 ounces.

Nite all!

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