Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Goals

I'm borrowing a bit here....

Sweat Pea posted today about her December Goals, and asked her readers about theirs. I'll admit, I haven't actually broken down my weight loss plan into mini-goals, or given much thought to very time-limited goals, such as what I can get done in the next 30 days. I've really only been thinking in terms of what my end goal is, my goal weight.


Feeling kinda silly for not coming up with little milestones along the way, even ones that aren't about a number on the scale. I'm all about tracking what I AM doing (even if what I do isn't the best), but not so good at setting some short-term goals that will help me along the way.

So, for the sake of participating in what works for others, and may work for me as well, here goes:

December Goals

1.)  4  hours (in pieces) doing the Insanity Workout to the best of my ability. (This will take some serious work-up to be able to do the whole thing and at the pace on the video.)

2.)  Walk/run 25 spite of the weather.

3.)  1200 calories, 82 ounces of water per day

4.)  7 days of coffee with alternate creamer/sweetener options.


  1. Now those are some good goals ! Totally doable in my eyes : ) Tell me about this Insanity Workout ?

  2. Just so I'm clear on this, I totally cannot do what they do in these videos, but I'd love to get there. I'm trying to do the Cardio Recovery disc. It is brutal, and I do it in slow motion, and am wiped afterward. But I'd love to be this fit!!