Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finishing the night on task: I had soup for dinner, another water, a cup of coffee, a tangerine for snack, another water, took my melatonin at 9pm (getting back on that band wagon too) and am fading fast at this point. Oh yeah, had a banana this afternoon too.

Soup, 144 calories
2 tortillas again, 130 calories
one ounce of shredded cheese on soup, 80 calories
tangerine, 35 calories
coffee, 60 calories
banana, 105 calories

Added to the 404 from earlier = 958 calories....

Somehow that doesn't seem right....can't think of anything I missed. No other snacks. The soup was filling, and so has the water been. Maybe that's it. Oh well...just tired.

Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement! And for keeping me on my toes!

Goodnight all...

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