Wednesday, January 5, 2011

137 Days: It's About Choices, Right?

That's why we do this, right? At least that's one of the make better choices and to blog about it. To eat less, to eat healthier, to choose a longer life with less food and illness?

And hopefully being lighter and healthier carries over into the rest of our lives, and helps us feel better in other ways. Last night I got home from work and was "leaning" on hubby, wanting some help in getting my frame of mind straightened out. Couldn't really shake off the crappy feelings...and no, it's not pms.

Honestly, been kinda wondering if it might be some mid-life thing. Asking myself things like "how do I just keep doing this crap I hate? Is this as good as it gets? What do you tell yourself in order to keep moving, when the path you are on is just miserable, but you have to do it anyway?"

Am I choosing this? Am I making myself miserable with the things I focus on? Maybe I'm just spending too much time in my own head, instead of focusing on the things I need to do, and on doing them well.

One of the things hubby said to me last night was to try and think about something else when I'm doing something I don't really want to do. Sounds kinda odd, but I think I know what he meant. Instead of focusing on feeling crappy about the things I have to do, I should try and think about something completely different. Choose a different target to focus on.


There's a song I like to listen to...especially when I get stuck like this. Its called Change Your Mind, by Sister Hazel. Time for me to put this on auto-repeat.....for the rest of the day.


So for breakfast, I had oatmeal and coffee. 220 calories. I have a pear to eat in a little while. 2nd bottle of water is going down now.



  1. That is sound advice from the husband. If you just focus on the thing you hate then that is all you feel. If you think of something else, even while doing it, then you have to feel better.

  2. I'm reading a book about mindfulness that suggests focusing on something as simple as breathing when going through difficult times or trying to accomplish difficult tasks. It works for me.