Friday, January 28, 2011

(160) Calories? Numbers?

I just read Allan's post over here.  Misty, Kristen....and a bunch of comments about Kristen's going off plan.

Is 500 calories a day more dangerous than forgetting the last couple binges and just moving on? Is 900 better than 500? Is 1000 the right number, like they do on biggest loser?

How about 1200?

Ya know what?!

I don't think 500 calories a day for a week is gonna kill anybody. Read Christine's post about consuming 100 calories per day for 70 days. That's right. One hundred calories ( mostly diluted juice ) for seventy days.

She didn't die. Near as I can tell, aside from some initial headaches and blurry thinking, she managed just fine. (I'm not advocating this approach, nor do I think she would either. She chose another route after that, and was much more successful. But that is beside the point.)

So no, eating only 500 calories a day for a week or so probably won't do any harm at all.

Ya know what **does** do harm?

NOT putting the fork down.

Why, why, WHY is it so necessary for some folks to advocate "more food"???

Have a plan, stick to the plan, and have enough patience to let the plan work over the long haul. When you fall down, stand back up, brush yourself off, and get back on the plan. And keep moving.

And feel your own feelings instead of "stuffing" them, or turning them into something else.

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  1. When I eat too little, I lose all willpower. That's the reason I try to keep my caloric intake around 2200 calories a day. Otherwise I snack like crazy without realizing it when I'm making dinner.

    I think I just need your discipline.