Tuesday, January 11, 2011

(143) Sleep is Getting Better & TV

Slowly but surely I am getting my sleep schedule back on track. Still taking the melatonin at about 9pm, so I will be ready to sleep by 11. Did some chores around the house last night, made dinner, and later on we watched Lie To Me and then Hoarders.

Anyone watch Lie to Me? I love that show!!! LOVELOVELOVE it! Tim Roth is awesome in that roll. He's so quirky. And I love how the women in his life will call him on his shit. Maybe not *quite* enough, but they do. I like all the characters on that show!

Anybody else a Lie To Me fan?

How about Hoarders? Last night's episode had a guy on there that had rats. Ugh!!! And lots of them. He started out with 3, and somewhere in there his wife died. 3 rats ended up turning into over 2500. They ran him out of his own home, and took over everything: the furniture, the walls, everything. It took a Semi and a couple dozen people to capture them all and take them away to a shelter. 2500 rats.


It is painful to watch people that have had some kind of trauma in their lives, and have turned that trauma into some kind of excessive behavior. And the hardest part as an on-looker, is knowing that they can't see the situation the way everyone else can.  If only they could see...if only they understood...if only it were as simple as telling them that the problem started with "such and such" and that dealing with that original problem will solve this other one....but I'm rambling...and its never simple.

We are always our own worst enemies, aren't we?

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  1. We are our own worst enemies. I can't watch certain programs on TV as I find them depressing and disturbing. Hoarders is one of the those shows. I also have a sad reaction to Intervention. I am trying lately to watch only positive, up beat movies and programs to help me keep a positive attitude during these rough days.