Monday, January 24, 2011

(156) I'm Off to See the Wizard....

Hopefully there will be no fire and green smoke....

After Friday', I've been dreading going to work today. Time to fix the mess I made and try to figure out where I went wrong in the robot programming.


Still feeling a bit under the weather. Not a full-on cold or anything, just some sinus crap, low grade headache and no appetite. I'll update yesterday's food log, but quite frankly, there's nothing much to report. I was way under calories (although I did finally make that salad I'd intended for Saturday), cuz I just haven't had an appetite this weekend. I feel like I'm fighting off what ever is going around...and that's a good thing, cuz a few folks at work are looking a little green around the gills.....need to keep my distance from them.....they've got/had the pukies....

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. I hope your day gets better with work and with feeling better !

  2. Feel better soon, dear. Good luck at work and I'm wishing you a good day. :)