Wednesday, January 5, 2011

December Goals Evaluation

So, I had posted these goals for December on the sidebar. Since December is over, I'm taking it off the sidebar, but I wanted to recap how I did on them.

1.) 4 hours of the Insanity Workout.
Didn't do this. At all...

2.) 25 miles walk/run.
Didn't do this either, at least not the running part. I'm sure I got some miles in walking, but it wasn't "planned", just merely the daily walking I do that is associated with my job, shopping, etc.

3.) 1200 calories & 82 ounces of water/day:
Days I accomplish this XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Well, at some point I stopped tracking this on  the sidebar, and I know I made this goal for more days than are listed here, so I consider this to be a success.

4.) 7 days of coffee with alternate creamer/sweetener options XXXXXXX
This one I did without fail. Per the prodding from Allan, I got some Coffeemate and managed to significantly reduce the number of calories in my morning coffee. I'm not quite to the point of using Sweet n Low, but I have tried some sugar-free syrup from Starbucks, and am heading that way to buy a bottle for the house. Meanwhile, I've been alternating between using my standard creamer and the coffeemate thing. Definitely accomplished thig goal.

From now on, I think I'll post my other goals on a separate tab here on the site. Makes it easier to find....


  1. Goals are good and even when you don't meet them completely, the effort and trying is worth something. I wish you the best as you set new goals.

  2. Good for you for being accountable and honest!