Thursday, January 20, 2011

(152) OMG!! I'm So Effing BUSY!!!!

No time! No time to do a damn thing! I'm so busy at work and home is running a close second!! I'm not getting the snacks in and I'm feeling too hungry at mealtime, and have found myself putting more on my plate. I've caught myself, and dumped things back, got the measuring cups and scale out and did my thing. I'm just losing my edge!!

Gotta get back to attention to detail!!

One good thing I'm doing right is drinking the water. In fact, I'm finding it easier and easier. I have several water bottles at work and always have one with me. Each time I pass one of the water coolers, I refill. I'm actually drinking more than my goal, so yay for me!

Going home tonight to do some meal planning and grocery list making, so I can get some healthy snacks and make dinner easier.


  1. Way to recognize, re avaluate and get back to it!
    im finally getting in water, not nearly enough.

  2. I wouldn't lose sleep over a bad day - sounds like the water intake is making up for things! Cheers, Rick