Monday, January 24, 2011

(156) I'm REALLLLLLY Sick of this Weather!!!

Warning! Just a bit of a rant....

I have this nifty cradle for my cell phone. It charges the phone, but also prompts the phone screen to appear like an alarm clock while its charging.

Very cool.

The added benefit is that it also displays the weather and a few other useful bits. I've started using it as my alarm clock, just cus it's convenient, and because the alarm isn't as obnoxious as my other clock.


Side story...I'm coming out of the bathroom yesterday morning and *severely* stub my left big toe on the marble much so that the end of my toe now has a deep purple bruise, and I ripped 1/3 of the nail up, but only on the right side. OWOWOWOWOW!!!!!


So last night, I'm rolling around trying to get comfortable without irritating this toe. Took me awhile...

And at some point I roll over and look at the know....the one that displays the weather.

And some time after 1 or 2 am, it says ......(   5 degrees    )

Five effing degrees...and its the middle of the night...and my toe hurts...and I know now that I'm really not going to get a good night's sleep....and I have to deal with the *broke thing* as soon as I get to work....

And hubby's car wouldn't start this morning, so he had to drive me to work so he'd have a car.

5 degrees.....

5 effing degrees....


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  1. I commiserate with your toe. I was on my way to the bathroom when I broke the first one a few months ago and on my way back from the bathroom when I broke the last one. We had a reasonably warm day here though so I can't complain much today.:)