Tuesday, January 18, 2011

(146-149) Catch Up

So, as promised, I'm going to list, as best I can, the things I ate this weekend while I was away. Note that the meals (breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, plus dinner Saturday were included in the course, so I was limited on choices)

Friday night was a turkey sandwich in the car, plus water and a fruit smoothie. An Asian pear for snack.
Saturday: 2 (3") pancakes with strawberries on top (unsweetened) (NO syrup), coffee, grapes.
Lunch was a salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing, topped with 3 ounces of grilled chicken, plus iced tea and water to drink.
Dinner was 3 ounces of beef brisket with 1Tbsp BBQ sauce, cole slaw, and tossed salad with vinegar and oil dressing. Snack was a fruit smoothie and a banana.
Sunday was a 3" square of veggie baked egg dish thingie, coffee, oj, and grapes. Snack was more grapes. Lunch was another salad topped with chicken, plus raspberry vinaigrette dressing.
Dinner was a tiny cup of chili (actually about 3/4 cup)

Monday, back at home.

Breakfast was coffee and water. ( I was so not hungry)
Lunch was a roast beef sandwich, plain, plus water
Snack: coffee
Dinner: a potato
Snack: cup of tea.

Crappy eating on Monday. I'm certain I didn't go over on calories cuz I barely ate anything...but that's not particularly healthy either. I just wasn't hungry.

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  1. Food there sounds wonderful. I bet you are glad to be home though.:)