Monday, January 10, 2011

(142) Can't Stop Thinking About Chickadee...

This is Chickadee.....

And she needs a therapy dog. She struggles with something called Rett Syndrome, that makes it increasingly difficult for her to eat, swallow, walk, talk and move.

Caring for Evalyn is a more-than-full-time job for her momma. Doctor visits take hours and hours. Rarely is there such a thing as a full night's sleep. And her illness is progressive.

A therapy dog would make life easier for momma, easier for Evalyn, and happier for the whole family. A therapy dog would help little Evalyn with hand movement and motor skills. It would help with socialization. And it would alert Evalyn's family if she were experiencing some kind of distress, like aspirating, or seizures. Evalyn can't communicate like other children her age, so having a therapy dog would be like giving her a voice.

Therapy dogs are very expensive, more than many of us could possibly afford. Including Evalyn's family.

I read her momma's blog, Journey Beyond Survival, and since I found out about their need for a therapy dog, and what it would do for little Evalyn, I just can't stop thinking about her.

So, please...consider a donation to little Chickadee and her therapy dog. Doesn't every little girl deserve a puppy? Especially if that puppy could save her life?