Thursday, January 27, 2011

(159) So Angry....

I'm SOOOOOO mad right now...

And so very sick and tired of "family drama". 

And so very, very tired of these attitudes:

  • I'm not willing to listen to anything you say
  • I'm not willing to consider that you might have a valid point
  • I'm not willing to learn how to behave myself and act with some decency
  • I'm not willing to take responsibility for my actions
  • I'm going to continue to take advantage of the people around me becasue they let me.
  • If I can't take advantage of one, I'll move on to the next and blame the last
  • I'm not willing to let you teach me anything, and then when I fail, I'll be mad at you
  • I don't care if I hurt your feelings. I have an opinion and I'm gonna let you know what it is
  • If I hurt your feelings, you're too thin skinned. If you tell me I hurt your feelings, then you're saying I'm a horrible person.
  • I'm not gonna try. You try.
  • Nobody's going to tell ME what I can and cannot do!
  • It's not my job
  • (I'm ignoring you)
  • I'll yell if I want to
  • You can't blame me for getting mad! It's your fault!! You MADE me angry! You MADE me lose my temper!
  • Oh, poor me!

Oh Holy **CK!!  GROW UP!!!!

And its not just one person!!! Can you say 4-way tug of war?


no food......not gonna think about food.

1 comment:

  1. Don't know for sure what is going on but some of that is familiar. You are in my thoughts. Think bubble bath and soothing music and candles instead of food.