Saturday, January 22, 2011

(154) Daily Food Round Up

Brunch: 2 poached eggs (142 cal), two slices toast (110 cal), 2 tsp butter (72 cal), 2X coffee (80 cal)
Snack: grapefruit (120 cal), water
Dinner: Another grapefruit (120 cal) and a banana (71 cal), water
Snack:  clementine (35 cal) crackers (160 cal), water, lemonade (90 cal)
Other: 2 Coldeeze (18 cal) and 6 cough drops (96 cal)

Total:   1024 cal, 88 oz

So, apparently some useless calories today. Feeling like I'm fighting off a cold. Not a lot of good food, but not terrible. I'd planned on making a salad topped with grilled chicken, but just wasn't very hungry, and didn't feel like standing in the kitchen to make it. So, I tried to pick some healthy stuff...the fruit. Could have skipped the crackers, but at least I'm not over my calories.


  1. Good evening. Just stopping by from Allan's and it's nice to meet you. You are doing terrific on Allan's Challenge. Keep up the great work. By they way, I love the post before this one about the headlights and distants. So good and so true. Thanks for sharing it.
    Take care and have a blessed evening.

  2. I hope you start feeling better soon. I can't believe you counted the calories on the cough drops &